Thursday, April 17, 2008

ThinkPad, BlackBerry and Aquamarine gem

What more you could ask for on your first day working at a new workplace?

On the day I reported for duty at this new place, I was given the welcome pack, which includes the job T&C and all the necessary forms I was required to fill up, as expected. But the time I spent on filling up the form on personal particulars was cut to half since I skipped the details of spouse and children part. Phew! How could they expect one to remember spouse's IC no. and birthday?! :-p

But, it wasn't just the welcome pack. Look what I've got on my first day of working (err.. did I really work yesterday? hahahaha)

A BlackBerry with company-registered sim card that includes unlimited GPRS usage, a Lenovo ThinkPad laptop which comes with two sets of mouse and battery charger, which means I could leave one set at home and another set in office. Very cool! And the ThinkPad uses fingerprint to log in! Ever cool!!

That's not all... heheheh... a Petronas petrol card with my name and my car registration number printed on the card! Really cool but darn! I should've not filled up my petrol tank just before I went to office yesterday morning.

But, anyway...
All those are nothing much compared to what I got from my colleagues in the old workplace as my farewell gift. Besides a framed Class of 2007 picture, I got this one from them. Thank you, I love you all!

The aquamarine stone arouses feelings of sympathy, trust, harmony, friendship and good feelings which are based on mutuality and which prove their worth in lasting relationship (from Gem by Gem). And according to Meg, aquamarine is a stone of courage; enhance one's ability for rapid intellectual response; accelerate reasoning process and unconquerable through learning (aku tak tau mana source dia ni).

That was my first day at the new place. Hari yang gelap, kini telah terang (although I still haven't been paid the bonus due to me).

Also, did I mention earlier that my boss is outstation and will only be back on Monday?! Owh! That's a 3-day honeymooning and 'gentel'ing with my BB (bukan bontot besar atau boobs besar; it's BlackBerry, dude!)



Iced Nyior said...

wow~ lotsa cool goodies from ur new workplace. Blackberry and laptop summore.

oh and i like the ring.

siakayatrist kampung said...

Excellentee. Great to hear you are settling in well with your new toys at work. Throw away the murky water and take the clear. Well done.
PS: how come srating new job your english suddenly so good?

ety said...

Deo..tempat baru wokey?.....bagus!...
pinjam BB tu, ME nak online masa kat MEK** nnt!....

DeLinn said...


blackberry? thinkpad?

tapi yang paling2 aku nampak... depa dah fully prepared untuk menerima masuk staf baru, all has been taken care of. Idak la kat sesetengah tempat bila ko masuk, baru nak carikan tpt duduk, baru nak order pc, bla bla bla

nak pinjam blackberry sehari voley? :D


Anonymous said...

Selamat berjuang di tempat baru, kat company aku only the GM given the Blackberry (data only).. Tak silap ini company ke 4 kan? Kalau nak berhenti tunggu diorang bayar bonus dulu..

lilinbiru said...

jeles.sangat.amat jeles.
me too can skip the spouse part kids also?mm.status-bujang?mm.

joQ said...

Hi Deo, sakit hati tengok gadget!!! Semorga berjaya!

suealeen said...

amboi new toys.. sungguh mewahhhh! tak mampu patik nak beli.. erkk.. sebenarnya tak perlu pun..

Jingga Studies said...

ish best nyeeeee!!!!

farafawcett said...

wah.... beshnye....

Brother Lans said...

Rol aslkum. Selamat bertugaz di tempat baru *kat mana tu? Abg dah lama tak follow blog 'Adek' * :-D

sam said...

dpt blackberry? lenovo yg ade fingerprint log in? petronas petrol card? apsal mcm aku kenal je kompeni ni...

deOughtred said...

iced nyior,
lots of goodies, goddess je tak a lot.

ye ke cikgu bedah?

aik? nak berdoa guna bluetooth ke? heheheh...

sehari je? nak baca manual pun tak cukup sehari.

yang ke-6. ehh.. yang 11 minggu kira tak? kalau tak kira, betullah tu yang ke-4.

you're half bujang!

nanti nak try on the move lah. nak lawan anak murid. hahahaha...

orang memberi kita merasa. aku menadaaaahhhhhh je. hahahahah

aku still tak appreciate apsal doctors pakai stetoskop tu, dengar bunyi air dalam perut dan perut berkeriut-keriut je.

tu lah you rugi tak demand ThinkPad dgn BB buat barang hantaran!

bro lans,
'Adek' pun lama tak nampang komen Abg kat sini. hahahahah

kenal? lunch jom!

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