Monday, May 03, 2010

116th to 122nd: Rockers + Pink = Double Trouble

Another week - nothing interesting except the just concluded weekend. Will save that for later.

Arrived from Ipoh around 6.30am on Monday morning, took a nap until 9.30am and arrived in office around 10.45am. Well, the new policy for traveling in Smokey Grey allows us to arrive in JB by 11am on Monday morning. Cool huh? Yeah cool and spells disaster for the company. Hmm like I give shit!

As usual, ran quite a lot considering I just finished a race on Sunday. Still feel bit of strain on my foot. But I have to run since I ate quiet unhealthily last week with mee kari, briyani kambing, maggi goreng at night. Hmmm... and guess what, I've registered for a 25km run in September, about two weekends after raya.

It sounds scary to me since I will only run 21km in June and it is two weeks after raya! and ramadhan month before that which I don't think I'll run much or probably no run for me at all. Reading the qualifying time of 3hr and 30mins just made me more nervous, can I run for 3.5hrs non stop? There's also 12km category but thinking that by September, 12km would be piece of cake to me, I opted for a longer distance. Anyway, I'll take that as a challenge!

Friday - public holiday, being replacement to Agong's birthday on Saturday. Did lots of routine chores and activities - dental checkup, get the baju melayu and batik for my brother's wedding tailored, went to see my cobbler to get my shoe buckles replaced, bla bla bla...

Early in the week, I also realized that I'll only have two weekends to spare in JB although my last day working in JB would be on the 28th June. In the next two months, I'd be spending my weekends in KL (3 weekends, 2 for races), 1 weekend each in Ipoh and Penang (for my brother's wedding) and 1 in Terengganu. So, not much time left to enjoy JB. And I had to start loading my stuff in JB to bring back to Shah Alam for good. :-)

Talking about leaving JB, it was quite saddening as somebody would be leaving JB earlier than me. Mamux is going back to Indo. It was supposed to be in July but something happened back home, the mother isn't well, so it has to come earlier. Too bad! I hope I get to see Mamux if I visit East Java next time.

Saturday morning, geng rebanamaya organized a get together yet again but we did it different style this time. It was a breakfast picnic, we called it PINKNIK as the theme is pink. If you happened to be in the Lake Garden on Saturday morning and saw a bunch of noisy (not nosy) people wearing pink having breakfast by the lake, that's us. Had fun, as usual with geng rebanamaya, but no pictures uploaded yet by the two rebanamaya's pro-photographers.

Oh ya, after the picnic, we were too lazy and too heavy to make our way to the car park (which involves climbing up like thousands of stairs!!), we decided to ride the train. Alaaa train yang bawak jalan pusing-pusing macam kat theme park, zoo negara tu. So, penuhlah satu train tu dengan geng rebanamaya je. When the train made a sharp turn, satu train menjerit. Macam budak-budak darjah 2 pergi melawat zoo negara, tak senonoh! Heheheh... But it was still fun per...

That night, it was the best event for the week. The Double Trouble: Wings Search concert. Went there with my two best buddies, Des and Zam, who as sporting as ever rocking all the way throughout the concert. Heard from the local newspapers that 20,000 people turned up that night. The venue was rather small and as it's a closed arena, it was really hot and we sweated everything including our underwear.

Some people couldn't stay long in the arena and it was crammed and hot and they made early exit. But me, Zam and Des stayed put, banging our head, rocking til the last song. Awie was superb, Amy was was tip top (waaaayyyyyyyy better than his show in Istana Budaya last month).

I saw no less than 7 people, all of them female, pengsan and had to be carried out from the arena. Ni yang aku malas nak bawak awek gi tengok konsert rock, tau. Some people said, the DT 1 was better but I had so much of fun and if they're going to perform in JB, I'll definitely make it a repeat, if it doesn't clash with my earlier planned activities.

Here's a photo of me with Zam. Cantek tak baju aku? Thought wanna wear John Lennon's t-shirt I bought earlier in JB, but while buying DT t-shirts for Zam and Des, I saw this Shiroi Neko's t-shirt and didn't have to decide longer to buy and wear it that night. Tapi haruslah aku tak pakai baju ni kat kampung kan, mau kena bakar dengan pak-mak aku kot. Hehehe...

This is a link to one of the videos I managed to capture. Lupa bawak balik kamera, so record pakai BlackBerry je. This is a medley of Gadisku and Taman Rashidah Utama. Quite classy laa sebab Awie nyanyi lagu Gadisku. Click here.

Dan ini semua keratan akhbar pasal DT ni. Saje je letak sini, sebagai rujukan anak cucu cicit kita nanti yang mungkin tak kenal Wings atau Search. Ataupun entah-entah Konsert DT masuk dalam buku teks Sejarah 25 tahun lagi, I can proudly tell my cucu that "Atuk was there!" Ekekekek....


sempoii said...

ko kena sembur tak ngan air bomba tu? Mmg Search ngan Wings tu best gilak. Sib baik aku tak pi konsert ungu beb..penonton drg siap buat pesta bunuh2 ngan kerambit..perghh! masuk metro ni ari..

famil said...

LAbour day lah! Bday agung lambat lagik :p

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