Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sewel macam nenek rewel

Meluat-luat aku sejak the past two three weeks dengan perempuan tu. It started with muka dia yang hodoh lepas main some badminton games, siap masuk dalam Buletin Utama tu.

Followed by one twitter feed by the Prime Minister that he's attending an event in UiTM Shah Alam and the event was the conferment of some stupid honorary doctorate to no other than Prime Minister's wife. Hoi! Buat kat rumah je lah kalung-kalung pingat ni, tak payah involve so many people to attend the ceremony, tak payah get the students off their books (or facebook) just to fill up the hall, tak payah get everybody (all the deans apa tah) to dress in convo gears (kalau buat kat rumah, sambil telanjang pun boleh kan?)

All that are expenses weh! Paid by UiTM, I think. Dan UiTM dapat duit from student's tuition fees and government grants (or injection, whatever). And most students paid their tuition fees using loans or scholarships. And if those are from government, tu semua from all kind of taxes! Yang aku pun bayar tax laa bodoh! Dah le LHDN hantar surat nak tolak gaji aku for another RM700 for 6 months, on top of the current deduction for tax around RM800 already. Pastu belanja bersepah-sepah untuk function bodoh macam ni, setakat nak kasi honorary doctorate to the wife. F lah!

Then, came this launch of 'the wife's website'. Aku ingat dia pakai laa private domain like, ataupun ke, alih-alih dia pakai website PM Office. Dia ingat Michelle Obama ke siap nak ada extension kat official PM website?!! Damn it! Kalau korang tahan boleh tak muntah, korang check out laa website kat sini

Then, yesterday I saw in the news, she was officiating something. I thought it was Pusat Kitar Semula ke or Pusat Khidmat Masyarakat or some welfare or community or women related stuff. Rupa-rupanya she was officiating the opening of the Institute of Energy Policy and Research in Uniten.

Wtf? Hoi! Dah takde ke orang-orang kementerian berkaitan (Teknologi, Tenaga or Pengajian Tinggi) even the TKSU ke to do all this??? Or orang gomen semua dah jadi ngok?! Dingokkan oleh somebody?! What if press tanya questions pasal teknologi policies all those? Or ada Q&A session with engineering students semua tu? Ngok sangat!


joe said...

haha i was there at IEPRe launch. aku pun macam nak muntah time tu, nak2 tengok all the kipasan from TNB and uniten..

edrina said...

ehehehe.. tajuk blog yg kau kasik lawak siot esp yg taik lalat tu keh keh.. sessuaii..hahahaha

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