Saturday, July 01, 2006

Italian Sizzles, Germans Scraped Through

Italy 3 - Ukraine 0. It was an easy win for the Italians as they sizzled their every move to score 3 goals against debutant, Ukraine. Luca Toni scored twice, his first two goals in this World Cup. Can we expect somemore from him, against the home team?!

The home team won on penalty shoot-out against the Argentines. It looked like the Argentines would disappoint Germans' 1974 dreams, winning on home gorund, it was a poor marking by the Argentina skipper, Sorin, that let Klose headed home for the equalizing goal.

Once the game ended 1-1 after extra time, I had the instinct that the Germans will walk tall as I know Lehmann is pretty good in stopping penalty kicks. Well, it came out to be true although the Lehmann's last save was a controversial one as moves along the goal line before Cambiasso kicked the ball. No wonder Lehmann ran straight to the dressing room while the rest scuffled with the officials. Poor officiating again.

Semi Final: Italy vs Germany
(I pray for the better team to win and deny Brazil its 6th victory, Italians preferably)

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