Sunday, July 02, 2006

Champion Dethroned by The King

France 1 - Brazil 0

Or can I say it The King 1 - The Champion 0?! It was a surprised scoreline for most of the people, most of the Malaysian, especially. Some people even laugh when I once chose France to win the World Cup this time. Now, laugh out loud as the Brazil walked out the pitch shamefully. 3Rs who? Did FIFA count correctly the vote for Footballer of the Year award? Shame shame shame Brazil... shame shame shame the over-confident fans!!

Why bother talking about a loser and take away the credits due to the Fabulous French? It was a surprised, yet French best display so far in this tournament. They scrapped to get through the R16, surprised everyone with a win against Spain (I, earlier expected and hoped for Spain will do the job of dethroning Brazil). One goal does not really tell how much France dominated the match and how Brazil was very much expected unsettled with uncoordinated tactics and just depending on individual players' moves. One goal - who else better than The King Henry to nail it. The King rose to the occasion when it matters (not during easy group matches or friendlies, and then make big hu-has about scoring them).

And I just don't understand when people talk about the beautiful of Brazil Samba. Who needs Samba when scoring goals and winning matches make you win the World Cup?! It was just an ugly and the most horrible display of samba last night. Viva Les Bleus. Hail the King Henry and Zizou the Maverick.

Portugal 0 - England 0 (Portugal win on penalty)

England walked out shamefully, coupled with the arrogance of Rooney who was red-carded for stupidly shovling his club team mate, Christiano Ronaldo. Portugal should've won it easily, when England was forced to play their clown-striker Crouch, after the dismissal of the ineffective Wayne Who? And, I blame solely the defeat to the now-forgotten coach, Eriksson, for bringing Walcott to the World Cup just to warm the bench (or should he just be the kitman?!). He should've brought along Jermaine De Foe, for God sake!

Anyway, Portugal won, on a almost similar way as their last encounter in Euro 2004. But, seriously if they harbour any hope to win against France, they need to have true strikers to score goals. Otherwise, it will be Italy-France final!

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Anonymous said...

actually, frankly speaking laaa...i cannot face the facts that my Brazil cant make thru...UWAAAAAAAAA...and also....please cry for me argertina.....uwaaaaaaaa..cintaku beralih arah... Italy and France....
(i have to support italy as my x-anak ayam mixed italian...mmm yummy)...uwaaaaaaaaaa

-maya karin -

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