Friday, July 07, 2006

Grow Up, Malaysian!

I think some Malaysians never grew up. We still act like we just celebrated our 12th birthday, just got our MyKad, but never got to carry it anywhere we go, as mom is so worried that we might lose it somehow. And 10, 20 or even 30 years after celebrating our 12th birthday, we still act like a 12-year old kid, but this time leaving our MyKad home so that we would not lose it somehow. (I know it's such a hassle to get a replacement for a lost MyKad). And, worryingly the Government has to warn Malaysian adults (who are matured enough to be responsible to carry their own MyKad) to carry MyKad with RM20k-fine for those who failed.

So much so that we think that we're matured enough to carry credit cards around to pay our shopping bills, etc, we don't think we're matured enough to carry our MyKad. My suggestion: all credit card transactions must accompanied by MyKad as verification.

Interesting true story to share. A friend who is part of a local football's club is due to fly to East Malaysia to play a league game. At the KLIA, he noticed that his MyKad is with his wife. As he's the backbone of the team, the club's official, need to reschedule his flight to a later time (including paying RM200 to AirAsia for changing flight schedule - which cost more than the flight fare itself!!) for his wife to send his MyKad to him at the airport. Probably, besides worrying that her husband may lose MyKad, she's worried he might use MyKad to register a marriage with another woman. :-)

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zidane said...

mcm tau je sape yang kena tinggal kat klia tu... dia takut bini ka atau bini tak takut dia?! hahaha...

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