Friday, June 30, 2006

Malaysia in the Context of Hay Group

I just came back from a short course on Job Evaluation Methodology by Hay Group. Maybe you've heard or attended this course before, so you might understand better. One of the key messages I bring back from this course is the importance of a company to chart and, if possible, to have employees from all profiles (but still depend on the nature of the business). This range from profile P4 (can be P5 too) to A4, which covers from the research-work profile (P4) to pure sales/services-based (A4).

The instructor also mentioned that for a nation to become competitive, it needs (or need to develop) its people so that all these profiles are covered.

Now I understand even better the vision of Tun M who wants Proton to have its own 'pure' R&D capabilities (building a national car is just a small portion of pure R&D), instead of doing what 'Tan Sri S.M. who' does (purely rebadging, or a little cosmetic change and rebadge again). According to Hay Group Methodology, this rebadging work is merely P1 and can be done by people even without vocational training. Then, why bother asking students to enroll in Engineering courses in universities and colleges?! Just to assemble rebadge cars?!

Quoting the instructor again, Malaysia is not competitive because we've yet fulfilled (or have enough in) all profiles. Ask where Nokia and Ericsson originate from? From Sweden with 9-mil population, and Finland, whose population around 5-mil plus. And Malaysia, with almost 25-mil population, have what?! Emmm... M-Mobile perhaps, thanks to the popularity of Mawi, though. Even worse, we're so proud with a P1-product, produced by specialized, skilled, experienced, certified engineers (who're supposed to produce P3/P4-products), in the name of NAZA.

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chase17 said...

National interest or comercial value for short term interest? Big M is for long term sustainability. However there are may who wants to make quick bucks and garnisg it with social responsibilty with some icing on top.....

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