Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My First Purchase from e-Bay

For the past one week (since I first registered) I got hooked to e-Bay and ended up buying and auctioning something I already have or things I dont really need. And yesterday, just got my first item shipped to my mailbox.

So, I got the cufflinks for £0.99 plus shipping and handling of £4 which totals to £4.99 (or RM33.60). Eventhough the shipping costs more than the cufflinks itself, it still a bargain since a set of decent cufflinks here costs not less than RM79. Pretty good deal, huh?!

Now, am just wondering which side of cuff should I wear 'COLD' and which side to wear 'HOT'. I guess when I feel like punching or slapping someone, I'll wear 'HOT' on my right. If you see 'HOT' on my right cuff, just dont stand near me. :-)


chase17 said...

That's a bargain. If you are right handed, and you'r in the cool mood wear it on the right and vice versa. Happy wearing.

deOughtred said...

Thanks! You sure can have one. Hope that this momentum would continue. Appreciate any comment to make it better. :-)

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