Monday, July 10, 2006

Sad, Sad France; Bad, Bad Zidane

France 1 - Italy 0
# of penalty kicks missed in the Final

France 1 - Italy 0
# of red cards shown in the Final

It was the night for the Italians, they did it Italian way - the Italian job. France looks unorganized in the midfield, and their forwards didn't click well with the midfielders. I thought France would have an easy ride with an early goal but the Italians never gave up and look more dangerous with set pieces.

Everything didn't seem to go right for France.
Henry was knocked down early in the game and lucky that he managed to continue. Zidane nearly blew away the penalty kick. Italian forwards were unchallenged in corner kicks. Viera was substituted by Diarra due to harmstring injury in 56th minute. Italy scored again in 62nd minute only to be ruled-out for offside. Ribery was taken out in 100th minute, only to be substituted by Trezeguet (who never stood out in France jersey). Henry couldn't take it anymore and was substituted by Wiltord in 107th minute. Zidane bid farewell to the international stage with the most infamous way... red-carded for head-butting Materazzi in 111th minute.

Everything just went Italian's way.

What saddened me the most...

Henry, again, failed to shine at this stage. Next four years, he will be 33 y.o., and it seems unlikely for him (as a forward) to play major role, unless he switch to goalkeeping job. And I don't put a very high hope for him to be in the France squad for WC in South Africa . Probably, Euro 2008 would be his last international duty.

Zidane... bid farewell in the most unadmirable way. Red card for head butting, so un-Zidane like attitude. Anyway, you're the genius, mastermind and legend... Au revoir Zidane!!


sity29 said...

uwaaa aku nak nengis tgk gamba tuh!!!
so sad...

deOughtred said...

Gua bila kalah takde le sedih sangat, tapi bila kenangkan pojaan gua, Henry, memang gua sedey gilee... Nasib dia injured awal2 tak kena subs..

Walaupun boleh tgk dia main dlm EPL, tapi gua cukup tak suka Arse-anal. Sbb tu hari tu dia tak jadi transfer ke Barcelone gua agak frust!!!!

Anyway, harap dia main Euro 2008 for the last time for France!!!

ayul said...

hey... you found me! email la kawan, addr aku kat, ID aku sama macam address blog aku (without the "", of course) sorry takleh main tulis full address je, banyak hantu berkeliaran dalam web ni, bahaya.

sorry france lost, hehe...


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