Saturday, July 15, 2006

Home-cooked Breakfast

Breakfast menu, 10th to 14th July:

  • Monday - egg sandwich
  • Tuesday - fried rice
  • Wednesday - none. I've to follow my boss to Sales Office and prepare his documents before he travels and I only had my brunch at 2pm
  • Thursday - french toast (in honor of Zizou and King Henry)
  • Friday - sausage egg roll (although I still had half of the ration by dinner time - attended meetings after meetings yesterday)

Why the breakfast menu such a big deal?! Well, their home-cooked, I prepared them on my own. Such satisfying (eventhough the main components are bread and eggs), very much, than to decide over packing/buying from range of 'taste'less canteen foods.

I dont quite understand what made me so motivated last week. Somehow, I woke up early easily, everyday. I dont know why but I assume it's one of the World Cup effects - you sleep less hours. Just that during the WC, you slept couple of hours before the match and another couple of hours after the match, before you wake up for works. But this time since I slept earlier and in continuous hours, I managed to wake up earlier..

Wonder if I would still have the same fire burning inside me and fire burning my pots and pans, next week.


thanks Darlene for the cakoi!!

still feeling the WC 'les bleus'... and the non-functioning of channels 83, 901, 902, 903, 904, 905, 906 and the missing local papers' free WC pull-outs...


sity29 said...

tq for the nasi goreng!!! bila nak goreng mihun ke keoteow pulak? muahahahaha

chase17 said...

Very versatile....bola, entertainment, cooking...keep it up

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