Tuesday, July 11, 2006

World Cup Blues

It was the World Cup of the Blues... Azzuri and Les Bleus

And for the fans, most of us are experiencing the post-WC syndrome. Here, in Malaysia, waking up at 2.30am for the past one month is a must. For Astro subscribers, channel 83 has been the favorite bookmarked channel.

While the Italians are still partying (probably they get 1-week public holiday) we, living in this side of the world, feel empty, lost, lonely and to some extend dumb, not knowing what to do during the wee hours. It's not as easy to turn back our biological clock to sleep mode during these hours as it has been rigorously trained to last the whole night every night.

Anyway, on the night of 10th July, less than a day the Italians lifted the Cup for the 4th time, I already felt something is missing. After watching the repeat of the France-Italy match (and sobbing again for Zidane's, Henry's and France's lost), the channel 83 just turned blank, so does the other 6 channels on Astro which were the bread and butter for all football fans here. And, there's just nothing as interesting to watch, not even the movie channels or AXN or ESPN. Nothing compares the World Cup, but it's over! I just have to admit it!! Damn it!!

As Zidane hangs his boots from international duty, guess most Malaysians hang their remote control (temporarily, at least, before the start of EPL, Primera League, etc).

Well, I may say this would be my last entry on World Cup 2006. Am not sure whether there will be something I could write everyday other than World Cup stuffs. Saying goodbye to the World Cup 2006, let's bid farewell to the Class of 2006.

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sity29 said...

ehhehe tau pun sedih.. aritu eksyen :P

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