Thursday, July 20, 2006

What's Wrong with Brendan Pereira, err... NST?!!

4 days ago, the NST Group through their Berita Harian and Harian Metro reported on AF4 7th concert in contrasting manner. Today, it's even worse when NST made two contrasting statements (on back-to-back page) over a simple fact that my grandfather or even primary school kids can do.

This is the excerpt from NST 20/7 under sports section, page 95 and 96 (look at the Kaka story).
Notice the bullshit that NST is feeding us? On page 96 (you read sports section from the back page), it says Chelsea's £70 million (RM473m) bid for Kaka was shot down. And in page 95, RM475m for Kaka (Chelsea's bid). The difference... the conversion rate.

If NST can't even report this simple thing correctly, just don't hope for them to report on national issues correctly, for as long as Brendan Pereira is there.

1 comment:

Hanger said...

It is just a matter of RM2mill... who cares...

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