Monday, July 03, 2006

When Leaders of A Country Are Not Talking to Each Other

Let's take a break from talking about World Cup or football or Brazil's defeat :-) eventhough I still wake up smiling following French vistory and wonderful display from Zizou and Henry.

Now, what happened when two people in the same house are not talking each other? In basic, some decisions could not be made or some decisions made may not be favorable to another. What if leaders of a country don't talk to each other or a decision made by one leader was not made known to another. And the other who isn't aware of such decion is the no.2 in the country?!

In the midst of the highly-debated and talked-about squabble between the former no.1, Tun M, and current no.1, Pak Lah, there's one minister who suddenly shot to the 'limelight' to offer a mediator service to help ease the argument and put it to end. And he got the front page coverage for his 'noble' offer of help, thanks to his position as Minister of Information. First few questions came to my mind... 'who is he' to offer such solution?! Is he fit enough?! Is he positioning himself to be nominated for the Nobel Prize of Peace?! Anyway, I still manage to take it positively as maybe he wants to do it for the benefits of the people, etc.

So, on Sunday, it was revealed that the Governor of Melaka, Tun Khalil Yaakup, is the Peacemaker. I also have set of questions for the appointed, why him, is he fit enough to be the Peacemaker and is he respected enough by the two squabbling chaps (especially the former no.1 who's the ex-boss to the appointed), as claimed by the Minister of Information?! Never mind, I just dont care much whoever the Peacemaker is.

However, I was shocked when I read today's news... the current no.2 was not aware of such arrangement by the Ministry of Information!!

Is it a sign or what?! Is it the sign of people not needing you in decision making, sign of you may be ousted not long from now, or just that your staff don't think you're that important to be part of the decision. I
n corporate world, we always refer this as being put into cold-storage. And those people in cold storage are mostly waiting for retirement or will be squeezed in any ways to leave the company.

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