Wednesday, August 08, 2007

When cute is not cute

Was slouching on my couch last night while watching The Simpsons Movie last night.

My favorite part is when Homer was trying to climb up the dome. After failing the first attempt, he went inside the Supplies store and, instead of taking the jet pack, he settled for glue.

And today, this song stuck on my head, "Spider pig, spider pig, does whatever spider pig does..."

Anyway, it's just a cute movie which is fun and cute.

But wait! Not everything cute is cute and fun. Some can be shameful... Thai police officers who break rules will be forced to wear the hot pink armband featuring the Japanese icon of cute as a mark of shame.

So, what would the Malaysia police wear if they break rules? Perhaps, Malaysian football jersey, as a symbol of shame and disgrace?! Ooo... we already have this, as a symbol of disgrace. Why need this badge when bribery shouldn't even be in their vocabs. Read hafeedzboulevard

1 comment:

zewt said...

wow... the thai police really do that? that's pretty cool...

haha... wear malaysian football jersey... that's a cool one!

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