Monday, August 06, 2007

Kuman di seberang laut tampak

Gwen Stefani is coming to Malaysia for a concert on August 21 banyak sungguh konsert artis barat sempena menyambut bulan kemerdekaan ke-50 Malaysia. Even before she came, and true to our culture when we like to prejudge people or judging a book by its cover, the National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students objected to Stefani's saucy attire and bombshell image.

And earlier this week, through its president Mohamad Hilmi Ramli, they threatened to ask the authorities to intervene if Maxis didn't cancel the show as they feel that the video clips promoting the red-lipped, platinum-blonde's concert as "too obscene."

Okay, let's admit that the organizer should be more careful in selecting video clips to promote her concert here, if there's any :-)

Points I want to raise here are that:

1) I never heard this guy's name before. I never seen him on tv discussing religious issues or policy or being invited as panelist in Forum Perdana. And suddenly, he's talking something related to entertainment.

2) What is actually the role of this organization? And from sources on internet, they have around 10,000 members in a country of which 60% of the 26 million population are Muslim. Is this a cheap way to make them become more glamorous and one of cheap tactics to rope in more members?

3) This organization is judging Gwen Stefani's based on her appearance outside Malaysia and in her video clips. She's not even here yet. Oooo ok, maybe prevention is better than cure. Maybe they don't want what happened during PCD concert happens again. Ok, I'm fine with this argument. But, someone from the organization is actually watching and keeping close eyes on the sexy Stefani, then. Interesting!

4) Kudos to Gwen Stefani, she has vowed that she won't wear any revealing costumes when she takes the stage and the organizer has assured that Stefani "will abide by the Malaysian authorities' guidelines to ensure that her show will not be offensive to local sensitivities."

5) Well, we always feel the country has no flaws. The Government always make us feel this way. We're the 'best' in the world, the rest of the world sucks. So does what those narrow minded organizations or associations or political parties in Malaysia feel.

Kuman di seberang laut tampak di mata. Gajah (yang dah bohsia/bohjan, rosak akhlak, life porak peranda) di pelupuk mata tak tampak. What about this 'Haru Biru' movie poster?! It appears in newspapers and being displayed in public places or at least in cinemas. I think Que Haidar is 'too sexy' here sampai nak nampak batang kote dah. Isn't it too obscene? Or maybe that Hilmi guy has forgotten that the aurat for a guy is between his belly button and his knee. or maybe he's afraid people would accuse him as being gay if he talks about the sexy Que Haidar

And where is the officers from Malaysia's Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry? After the PCD incident the ministry has said that (their) officers will be on hand to enforce the country's code of cultural ethics—a female artist not sure if there's a guide for male artist must be covered from the top of her chest to her knees; no jumping, shouting, hugging or kissing onstage; no clothing depicting offensive messages or images (drugs, sex, etc.); and no throwing things at the audience.

Or maybe Malaysian authorities think women in this country have reached their menopause and they wont get aroused when they see guys dressing down to just covering their penis. Or they already knew Malaysians just don't care and don't even notice anything to do with local movies.


fuad3s said...

aisehman.. psl Haru Biru tu, dh ade pihak edar risalah.. dah dpt pon..
cuma fikir satu je, kita kan org timur, Islam plak tu..
kan dah ada ajaran budi pekerti dlm masyarakat kita?

HafizAdam said...

bak kate pepatah,
nak maju, agama ngn hidup kena dipisahkan..
kne ikut cara barat punye stail..
kalau tak, nak dapat anugerah filem cmne..

mmg hampeh..
taktau nak kate ape da..

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