Sunday, August 19, 2007

The tale of two Henrys

Last June, this Henry divorced his wife Claire.

And Claire has vowed to "take him to the cleaners" in a bitter divorce battle, demanding a massive 10-million pound.

Now Henry, who left Claire and their daughter Tea, is reportedly seeing a 31-year old Spanish actress, Paz Vega, whom he met while shooting a Reebok commercial together. Ironically, Henry married Claire after they starred together in the Va Va Va Voom Renault ads.

Last December, this Henry lost his wife to dengue fever.

And he's not facing any legal battle with anyone.

Now this Henry, who takes care of her two daughters by himself for the past 10 months, is reportedly seeing a 31-year old Kelantan girl two actually or did I hear three whom he would settle down with later this year or early next year.

I told you, there's so much similarities between these two Henrys.

On a calm Monday morning last week, I received a call, a rather surprising one as usually he'd only sms. As usual with all my friends now my mom get tired already he asked me when I'll get married. And as if I've been trained to twist the question, he ended up telling me his story about him getting married.

Congrats to you, bro. Looking forward to receive the invitation from you.

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