Friday, August 31, 2007

My reading day

I decided that this Merdeka Day to be my reading days. I've few months' edition of 'Off The Edge' magazines that I subscribed which I haven't read. And I also have few day's edition of 1957's NST which I haven't read. I believe all those should be enough to fill up my Merdeka day.

To start with, I read all the English and BM newspapers available online (except for Kosmo! tak tau why I don't like to read it). And I came across all the beautiful Merdeka advertisements sponsored by our country's responsible corporate citizen.

But, I didn't see any ad from Proton. What happened, my friends? Maybe all the budget for adex money have gone to the Persona ads. Or yeah, I forgot they just announced an 'improved loss' for Q1 2007 at RM46.75 million, from RM58.65 million in the same period last year. And there none from TNB too...

Anyway, my vote for the best ad this year should go to Perodua which portrays one of Malaysia's greatest laureate and his words of wisdom...

Kita mencari hanya yang tulen dan jati,
sekata hidup, mengerti dan berbudi,
dan bumi akan subur, makmur dan mewah
jika kita bekerja dan berikrar hidup bersama.

Tanah air memberi banyak, mesra mendakap kita;
kemerdekaan mendorong kita berdiri dan berbakti.
Dan dalam alaf baru semangat kita wajar padu,
berjalan kita atas nama tanah air dan bangsa,
bangga kerana merdeka, megah kerana bahagia.

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K i a H R o N g G e n G said...

Perodua add yg mana yek?ermmm

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