Saturday, August 25, 2007

Jazz Festival at Plaza Mont Kiara

I noticed about the Festival since last week and wanted to watch Zainal last week. But having the fear of traffic jam going to Mont Kiara and the trouble to find parking space, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, I finally spent my time quietly at home.

Since I was on leave on Friday I've applied but my boss hasn't approved which I had a deserved break at home and after spending almost entire day in front of computer, I feel energized and energetic (or kalau orang Melayu kata menggeletik-geletik) to drive to Mont Kiara and watch Sheila Majid performing last night. I don't care if I'm going to be alone there, I'm still going.

So, last night I watched Sheila Majid at the Sunrise-DiGi Jazz Festival in Plaza Mont Kiara. She performed for almost two hours and surprisingly everyone, of any race, can sing along all her songs. I never thought Chinese friends know the song Lagenda or Indian friends to know the song Pengemis Muda. Anyway, everyone had a great time dining and being entertained by the Jazz Queen.

I had good time too and I was not alone, ok! I managed to get my Bro Usop to come with his friend and Badin, who came all the way from JB actually dia ada kerja kat KL to come to Plaza Mont Kiara, although Bro Usop prefers rock and he chatted more with his friend than listening to Sheila Majid. And I met Jazzmatazz too, reban's tagger (she was with her friends - nasib tak duk dgn aku, kalau tak habis laaa... hehehehehe).

And this is for you who can't afford to watch Sheila Majid show. It's free dude!! And also for Adi in Jakarta who claimed he grow up listening to Sheila Majid songs until he lost his virginity when he switched to Siti Nurhaliza... :-)


adam said...

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all jazzed up said...

hahahah.. awak nampak harmless je deo! tak sangka!

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