Saturday, August 04, 2007

They call this invention

Can't believe my first post of the month came only after the 4th day. Anyway, I've found interesting article from Forbes. They interviewed 95 CEOs and other executives, asking each person to name the one device they wish somebody would invent.

And here are the 15 things they wish someone would invent.

1) Teleporter which could help everyone to get where they're going, faster, with less time in airplanes and security lines; 2) A Go-Anywhere Phone - A phone that works everywhere, no more dropped calls, lack of network coverage or incompatible systems from country to country; 3) Electronic Paper, as light, readable and flexible as regular paper, but with the capabilities of a computer.

4) A Household Chores Robot - No one wants to clean house these days; 5) The Universal Gadget - to avoid carrying too many gadgets in our pocket. Apple's new iPhone, for one, carries the functions of music and video player, e-mailer, telephone, Web browser and camera into one; 6) Smart Head Implants, to support our creative brains with the power and speed of computers.

7) The Bubble - Travel in a protective bubble that helps avoid the noise, dirt and hassle of daily life; 8) A Universal Language Translator; 9) A Convenient And Inexpensive Water Desalinator - which could turn the oceans into clean drinking water using desalination techniques.

10) Advanced Autopilot For Cars which take us to the destination while we nap, read or answer e-mails; 11) A Physical Search Engine - to find stuff we lose or misplaced; 12) A Time Machine - so that we could go back in time and redo the day we made an egregious mistake.

13) Automatic Weight-Loss Belt while we watch tv or work; 14) Perfect Vision Correction - to restore our eyes to 20/20 vision and no. 15) Youth Pill - just take a pill and stay young forever.

And if I were to become a CEO, two things I'd like someone to invent:
1) The household chores robot to help me, especially in folding clothes and putting them back into the wardrobe and to iron my clothes on Sunday night which I believe getting married would not solve these two problems for me, and
2) Inflatable girlfriend which/who I could inflate when I want to use it/her and which I could keep it/her tight in my laptop bag if I don't need it/her :-)

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