Friday, August 24, 2007

...and I'm not proud of you

I just don't know why I should be proud with this guy? This guy, which the RAHMAN theory points him to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. This guy, who is the son of Malaysia's second Prime Minister. It doesn't seem to be enough for me to be proud with this guy, even as the country's 6th Prime Minister.

Or maybe, like I said before, that N isn't for him but for another N, obviously not my Nenek laa...

Remember when your parents always say something like this, if you want people to do good things to you, you must do good things to other people, too. If you want people to respect you, you must respect others too.

I don't want this N guy to respect me so why should I respect him?! Especially when he's proud of the wrong feat achieved by the wrong citizen...

That guy who cycled across US?! He still has not completed his studies in UiTM, too busy doing all these nonsense thing... what semangat juang taik kucing he has, Mr Deputy Prime Minister? Obviously he failed to 'berjuang' for his degree after so many years!

Did he (while cycling) promote the country and bring foreign investment to the country, or at least promoting the Vis(h)it Malaysia Year 2007?! I don't think he brought along brochures or pamphlets to promote the country.

Or how much he spent (in US) that stimulate our country's economy. I could go on, like how much tax he paid to the country, how much petrol he put on the bicycle, how much toll he paid, how much foods he bought, how much toilet entrant fees he paid, while cycling across US?

Ooo okay, maybe he think there's too many unemployeed graduates in the country and that's why he choose to do all these shits. I think Namewee deserves a better respect because he's finishing his study with a hope that one day he'll return to serve the country.

And I'm paying tax, Mr Deputy Prime Minister. Directly via personal income tax and indirectly via corporate tax from the company whose PBT last year was more than RM3 billion.

So, I deserve a respect... for me to respect you!

By the way, we're still in the year 2007, Mr Deputy Prime Minister, in case you forget the date or just can't wait too long to be the next Prime Minister. It's the year when you should be holidaying in the country.

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zewt said...

there are many more such situations... it's good to feel your fury bro...

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