Thursday, August 09, 2007

Wazata Zain


I thought it was Wazata Zain and many of my chat friends thought so but few others say it wasn't Wazata Zain. I remember Wazata Zain is specky, with little beard underneath his lip (don't know what it's called), and the ventriloquist was tall and lean, curly hair, if I'm not mistaken. A search in the internet, mentioned the name Mahadi. No one can confirm this.

No wonder every year when the veterans were awarded with lifetime achievement award or such, they keep on saying in their speech, "Saya sungguh terharu kerana setelah berpuluh tahun saya di dalam bidang seni, ini lah kali pertama saya mendapat pengiktirafan sebegini..."

So sad...


Came across this comic and it reminds me of our famous ventriloquist circa 1985, Wazata Zain. I remember enjoying everytime he appears on tv and instead of looking at the doll, I was staring at Wazata's mouth most of the time, to see whether his lips move or not. Such a thrill!

Will update later if I find anything about Wazata Zain from the web.

From The Simpson Movie, President Schwarzenegger said, "I was elected to lead, not to read..." Now we know why our leaders make false alarm calls on bloggers, we elect them to lead, not to read...


Elf said...

Deo, aku rasa iyalah tu Wazata Zain. Nama patungnyer Jalud kalau tak silap...

Ali pun imejin dia macam yg ko cakap tuh. Specky, cakap macam halus halus je gitu..

Selalu keluar time cerita Cumi dan Ciki..

drbubbles said...

Hj Wazata to be exact. He used to live in Taman Bukit Anggerik Cheras, just in front of my aunty's.

I stumbled upon him at HUKM recently as he was looking after his son who was warded at Institut Kanser MAKNA-HUKM.

I got his phone no. if you want.



Full Name : Haji Mohd Wazata Bin Mohd Zin
Place of birth : No Info
Race : Malay
Language : Malay

Career : Comedian, Script Consultant, Writer

His picture

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