Monday, August 13, 2007

Kalah ada kelass

I think, this only applies in Malaysia. As we hardly win anything to do with football, we come out with different level of losses, whether you lose with dignity or respect or you lost disgracefully. In the CYC tournament, the Malaysian U19 team bowed out of the tournament with respect and ray of hope.

This is also how to sum up Proton participation in the inaugural National Futsal Tournament. Being invitation teams, the women's team, especially, have drawn a deserved respect and eye-opener to other participation teams, especially the state teams.

In the 1/8 round, the team lost 0-1 on penalty to TV3, a team that played the entire second half defending Proton's relentless attacks. Thanks to their national women's hockey goalkeeper, TV3 managed to bring the game over to the decisive penalty kicks which Proton players failed in all their three attempts. Anyway, it was a considerably fruitful outing in the first ever tournament for Proton's women futsal team as they defeated three state teams (Pulau Pinang, Kuala Lumpur and Sabah) en route to the quarter final, which also include winning against the eventual champion, Maksak 2-0 in the preliminary round. As a record, the pre-tournament favorite, Selangor, also lost in the 1/8 round.

While for the men's team, they only made it to the 1/16 round after narrowly defeated by the runner-up, Maksak, 0-1.

And after coming home empty-handed, the coaches have started planning for their future :-) anyway, good job coaches Rome, Des and Cheng.

To all my brothers in Proton, thanks for calling calling me, it's a wonderful 4-day break from work. Next year, I'll be around again and don't forget my t-shirt size is M and my shoe size is 6.

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