Saturday, August 11, 2007

Jangan salahkan lantai tak rata

Habis tu, dah memang lantai tak rata?!

Remember this proverb? "Jika tidak pandai menari, jangan salahkan lantai tidak rata" or in this particular situation... "if you lose a futsal match, don't blame the uneven court", which is not up to the acceptable and playable condition or standard.

Yes, this happened at the highest and most expensive futsal tournament in the country where best of players are around, including ex-international Azman Adnan and Mubin Mokhtar who played for RTM, which lost 1-11 to PDRM :-)

I don't blame Felda as the main co-organizer because they're the one who just fork out the money for the event. Advises on technical aspects like format, rules, type of courts should be decided by another main co-organizer, which is the FAM or Football Association (run by) Monkeys.

The 2 outdoor courts were made of one-layer pieces of rubber plywood which were joined by staples. After one and a half match, the staples came out of places. The Proton-Felda match was stopped halfway, for the contractor and the officials (those Monkeys from FAM) to do something with the court.

They ended up applying masking tape to join together the torn pieces of plywoood. I think the monkeys thought pieces of plywood are just the same as pieces of cardboard. The match was continued at the same court but was played a more cautious pace. No matches were held on the two outdoor courts after that.

The contractors took the rest of afternoon to fix the courts by applying more staples and sealant. Evening matches resume on the courts but only for women, as they think women don't play as aggressive as men again, a very stupid assumption by the Monkeys. I was told that Sabah goalkeeper got a long bruise on her arm which scratched with the sharp edge of the tilted piece of plywood before they decided to abandon matches on the courts.

It took a bloody incident to make the Monkeys really think. And scheduling went hairwire since then and matches ended at 1am yesterday. And you expect world-class players to emerge from all this world-class stupidities?


Anyway, I was with my old friends who represent Proton in the National Futsal tournament. We have both men and women team in the tournament.

Men's team results (Group F):
Lost to Felda A, 1-3
Lost to PDRM, 1-2
Won against RTM 8-2
The team qualifies to play in 2nd round as one of the best third place finishers and will play against Maksak tonight.

While the men's team have to wait until every game in the preliminary round ended to know if they qualifies or not, the women's team surprisingly (given three state teams in the group) had more proud moments, qualifying to quarter final as group champion.

Women's team results (Group B):
Won against Pulau Pinang, 5-2
Won against Melaka, 3-0
Won against Kuala Lumpur, 1-0
Won against Maksak, 2-0

will update later with updated results, win or lose and if there's anymore FAM's stupidity

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zewt said...

hahahaha... there is a chinese saying... 'ngo sei em chut lai dei ngang'... which means... berak tak keluar, salahkan lantai terlalu keras.... this is like the exact case!

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