Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Truly Malaysian Airline?!

Well, they claim they're the truly Malaysian airline. Feel like choking to death...

The following advert and article came out on the same newspaper and on the same day.

25 reasons, among all... priority boarding & disembarkation of first and business class, golden lounge for first and business class passengers, Wi-Fi for first and business class in KLIA, telephone check-in for first and business class, etc... Should they call themselves the truly Malaysian airline for the rich?!

Well, who cares?! Give hundreds or even thousands of reasons, spend thousands for the advert, the following article gives THE reason not to fly THE truly Malaysia airline (for the rich)!!

1 comment:

chase17 said...

MAS can be emas...they have to put their act together. There's too many fats. Some fats are man made. Trim off the fats, they sure can be Truely Malaysia.

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