Sunday, August 13, 2006

Accused, Accused But Dont Make People Confused

Now, everyday we can read from local newspaper, almost every UMNO leader and in almost every UMNO gathering they attended, they talked to the rakyat about Tun M. Well, some said they'll be the Pendekar to defend the party, some pledged unconditional support to the current leadership, most of them still talked about the idea to call-off the crooked bridge (as if there's no other pressing and important issues to address).

Not to exclude the culture of accusing people. Remember the folk song Bangau Oh Bangau. When you're at the top, you can accuse people more freely and the chances for rakyat to agree to your accusation is very high... Now, the Prime Minister has started labeling his rakyat as 'iblis'. His rising son-in-law, on the other hand, came out with this accusation...
I'm not sure how KJ can defend his accusation. Any basis? I dont think so!!! It's not my personal opinion, I dont want to be labeled as iblis!!! This one came from UMNO VC, Muhyiddin Yassin, a day after KJ blindly accused two of rakyat Malaysia (Matthias Chang and Ibrahim Ali)

Are UMNO leaders still teaching the rakyat how to sing Bangau Oh Bangau?! To KJ, you're making the highest level accusation, so please have strong basis, including consulting your more senior colleagues.

Another question I have... dont they have something better to talk to the rakyat during UMNO gathering/function, at least talk about RM9, explain about the functions of PAC including cases like hospital Alor Setar, ECM Libra, or at least talk about how to improve Malaysian football.

p/s: I'm sick (really sick with nausea, headache and fever). Reading newspapers doesnt help either. Sick of the current leadership.

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chase17 said...

You are absolutely right....I am getting sick of it.Can they just stop it and move on. There's mkore important things to work on.

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