Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Celebrating Merdeka Spirit

In August, you'll always hear politicians, radio deejays asking people to fly the national flag, Jalur Gemilang. And you'll get to see people ying Jalur Gemilang from their office buildings, house, shoplots, etc. And the most obvious way to show your 'patriotism' is by flying/displaying from/on your car/lorry/van/some motorcycles.

Although this year's flag flying is not as happening as in previous years, I still have two questions when August comes:

  1. If flying flag = celebrating Merdeka spirit = being patriotic/love the country, then why it's only called upon in August? Don't we need to be patriotic / love the country in other months and throughout the year, year after year?
  2. Those who don't fly Jalur Gemilang on their cars are subject to question of not being patriotic. Is patriotic = flying flag?

For me, being patriotic is more and more and more and more, very much more and nothing compares to just flying the flag. It is about attitude, discipline, contribution to the country (in terms of paying taxes, indirectly contribute towards 9th Malaysia Plan or the GDP growth), not being involved in riots/illegal gatherings, or even cheering for the national football team, not MyTeam, excuse me...

So, people... stop questioning other people if they don't fly the flag on their cars, they could be more patriotic than you. Instead, you should question people like the owner of this car (for putting the flag in a disgrace situation). Same goes to drivers who still cut queues even with the flag on.


chase17 said...

I cannot disagree with u. It is more n more n more in the spirit, value and above all the behavior. Patriotism is not merely "physical". Neither we want "plasatic" malaysian. So lets get our act right

deOughtred said...

I just hate it when I heard people saying the refusal to hang the flag dekat kereta because we love our car more. Who cares?! We pay for it more, monthly for 5, 7 years and car installment is not cheap, in some cases 1/2 of the salary...

And what about those politicians seeking cheap publicity by giving out free flags. But those flags arer of cheap materials, gantung tak sampai sehari dah koyak-koyak and berbulu-bulu ditiup angin. And the politicans get another good deed to be compiled and used for the next election. CRAAAPPPPP!!!!!

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