Sunday, August 06, 2006

Enters Faizal... The New Champion

Akademi Fantasia concluded its 4th edition with Faizal crowned as the Champion. I must admit that he deserves the win although there was no clear favorite for this season, unlike the previous two (or three) seasons, as Lotter and Farhan are equally capable to be crowned as champion.

Anyway, enters Faizal into the Akademi Fantasia Hall of Fame, alongside the earlier and still celebrated Vince, Zahid and Mawi. Another male champion!!


chase17 said...

Uh!....ur on to it. Your delivery is excellent. On AF...its a reality show....its emotional...he wins the heart of the public. others are as good or even better. Its a reality and accepts it.

deOughtred said...

Hi... I'm not really on AF this year unlike last year where I watch repeat shows, diaries like over and over again.. hahaha... But, like it or not, it's a big thing in entertainment calendar so you just dont want to miss it.

Yes, I accept Faizal's win. At least he's the better choice than Lotter and Haziq. And I dont like Velvet from the very firs day Astro revealed her...

chase17 said...

Your early despite its Sunday,..hehehe... Your right its the entertainment for at least the first half of the year...That's fair...being versatile you need to be upkeep with the surroundings.

Your comment is fair... the finalist has their individual strength and their ability is preety vaied.

All the best to the winners to uphold their position untill the next AF season.

alyadina said...

Majority female voters may be key to all male champion in AF

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