Sunday, August 20, 2006

EPL 2006/2007

The English Premier League kicked-off yesterday with some notable results. Liverpool nearly lost to newly-promoted Sheffield United, thanks to the ever-calm Fowler who scored from the spot-kick. Anyway, congrats for winning the Community Shield defeating Chelsea.

My prediction: Chelsea will win the Championship again, probably not until the final day of the season. Man United and Liverpool will push them all the way. Liverpool will be the most entertaining team, with the likes of Bellamy and the newly-signed Kuyt. Aston Villa, under Martin O'Neil, is the team to watch and they'll certainly steal some points from the title contenders.

Players to watch, plenty of them.... Ballack, Shevchenko, Obi Mikel, Rosicky, and the rest of the new signings... however, high-profile new signings may just last one season, or even shorter. So, don't be surprised if Ballack is back in Germany in 2007/08 season!

One thing for sure, candidate for Best Player of The Year and Golden Boot, no other than the King!!!

By the time this post was published, Man United is leading Fulham 4-0 (should be 6-0), just 27th minute into the first half. Who says life without van Nilsterooy will be difficult. Probably it will give more opportunities for Saha, Rooney definitely, and perhaps the slowly-forgotten Alan Smith.

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