Monday, August 28, 2006

Long Time Never Party One

I was at the Zouk, KL for the launch of music@bluehyppo, Malaysia's largest online music portal last Saturday night. Fuuhh.. I achieved a lot of firsts that night.. it was the first time I did red carpet interview (although it was not as glamorous as other red carpets you've seen on tv), first time I've been to Zouk, first time I was at a club since 4pm and first time in sooooooo many years I went clubbing. We did hang out after the launch for our 'private function'. One of my friends said, membakar lemak session :-)

Anyway it was a wonderful night, everyone was happy and I didn't hear any complaint (up til now). Even the CEO congratulated the team even before we left the place. Note: The CEO went home earlier, it wasn't that we went home late... hihihih...

Talking about the red carpet, although originally we were supposed to do it for at least 1/2 hour, somehow there were technical glitches, we did it only for 15 minutes. But I think, after they edited it, probably it would come out to only 2 or 3 minutes. I think, my partner Putri and I did ok lah since it's our first try. We managed to interview our sponsor, local artist, some walk-in guests... I haven't seen the footage yet, but I told Putri, "gasak lah, we've done our best. If they like it, they'll use our service again, if not they'll find some other people to do it laaaa..."

I did have a good time myself too.. instead of seating at the VIP tables, I was standing around the artists area, at the side of the stage. Free flow of foods <-- I literally folowed the waiter who carried the food and the potato wedges were so good, especially on empty stomach. Number or artistes showed up that night to show their support towards the portal - Amy Search, Jason Lo, Misha Omar, Disagree, To'ki, Nora and not forgetting Ezlynn. Jason Lo opened the night with some songs which I don't know so did Disagree's songs. I never agreed to their songs... Misha sang one song and I think she did awfully (should let Ezlynn perform instead of Misha). The best always come from the experienced one, Amy Search.... ROCK TERUS!!!


chase17 said...

Good for you....You need to let lose kalau tense sangat tak cun nanti.

aku laa said...

Fewwwwiiiiittttttt..... Aku fewit bukan dekat Amy tapi dekat kau dgn Ezlynn tu... hai hai bye bye!!!

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