Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Please Mind Your Bahasa Malaysia, Harian Metro!

Kudos for Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) for coming out with this reminder.

They are very much concern on the 'loan words' like (you know lah..) fleksibiliti, akreditasi, etc and also the emergence of strange but catchy words like Infotainmen (this one has been used by the RTM itself, shame shame shame), sure lawa, sure heboh, etc. So, they're calling for greater respect for Bahasa Malaysia (or is it Bahasa Melayu?).

DBP's Director General said, "We hope it (some form of penalty to deter any 'wrong' usage of the national language in public) will serve to remind the public on the need to use Bahasa Malaysia correctly in public announcements, signages, banners, bunting and posters." (this article came out in The Sun, 2-Aug)

So, the first casualty (for the penalty) would be Harian Metro, for this article... At first, I thought it's a name of a place.. like Balikpapan :-)

Unfortunately, RTM's TV1 has changed its slogan from 'Saluran Infotainmen Anda' to 'Saluran Inforia Anda' on 1 April 2006 (is Inforia in the dictionary?!). Otherwise, I would just love to hear what Zam has to say... or would he sent a 'peacemaker' to talk to DBP's DG?!!

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