Thursday, February 18, 2010

Prince of the Prince Court

It was a public holiday for my office in JB yesterday, being replacement to the public holiday to observe the demise of Sultan Iskandar which was on Saturday last month. So, I took the last train from Ipoh to KL at 9.45pm on Tuesday and arrived in KL Sentral at 12.45am. That's very punctual, and trust me KTMB service is improving and getting better! Can't wait to travel to KB by train next week. Yeay!

I was back at Prince Court again yesterday. It was my second visit as many months to the Prince Court. This time, to meet Dr Shan**r for my hypercholesterolemia. He's a nice, young cardiologist, more friendly and connected to patients than my other cardiologist, Dr Y*p. Well, I told him the whole story, from the medical check-up I did last year in Pantai to my pre-employment check up here late last month, showed him the results of my angiogram taken last year.

He was quite happy with my situation. He said apart from the high number on my cholesterol level, I'm otherwise ok - my blood pressure, my thyroid test result, sugar level, etc etc. In fact, he did not want to subscribe me with any medication but I insisted since I need to reduce my cholesterol level in a month's time to do another blood test for the pre-employment thingy. So, he agreed to prescribe me and to see me in a month's time.

Generally, I was happy with the way Dr Shank**r handled my case. He made it sounds not serious. Unlike Dr Haz*e who told me I was like a walking time bomb, can collapse and die anytime like Hani Mohsein. Damn! That's so harsh. I know I have problems, but don't give me more problems by saying such things, god damn it! So, I'll have to do another round of blood test in a month's time and if it goes down, I'll get Dr Haz*e to write another recommendation to the Emerald Co.

Oh, Dr Shank**r was quite surprised that my cholesterol level affected my employment with the Emerald Co. and he called up Dr. Haz*e seeking clarification. Dr Haz*e mentioned that the Emerald Co have the 'upper limit' for cholesterol level, which is 8.0. I laughed and told Dr Shank**r, "that's not that safe too for the Emerald Co. to hire!" Anyway, I'll take one thing at a time, for now, let's get rid of the hypercholesterolemia thing, then wait for the Emerald Co. to response.

At noon, made my way back to JB, dreadfully. Still lots of cars traveling south and despite slow crawl in some stretches, I arrived in JB safely around 6.15pm. And it's work again, for 5 days before another long weekend. Yiehaaa!!


edrina said...

deo, minum la green tea.

Elf said...

Take care, Bro.

Mudah-mudahan kolesterol level turun n ada rezeki bole join kompeni baru.

Tapi, betul, ko cakap tu, kenapa makanan yang sihat sangat mahal gitu.

shahar said...

can u give me your emel address?

mine is


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