Monday, February 15, 2010

39th to 45th

It was a sad week for me. It started quite brightly, just got back from KL/Shah Alam with a medal from Putrajaya Night Run to show, finished my bus service field study which quite impressive to my boss but I was still anxiously waiting for the email/call from the Emerald Co.

The field study on the bus service turned out to be good. In fact, my boss wanted to make it a more formal report, binded nicely and to show to the CEO. It came out to almost 40 pages altogether including pages with pictures. And I heard the report has ruffled some feathers at the authority body who governs the service. And according to my boss, the CEO quite like it, and she said if anyone from the authority body wants to have it, they have to pay for it. Hahaha...

That's the brighter side of the week. On the other hand, I received not so good news from the Emerald Co. There are two problems with my medical report, one with my WPW which is least concerning to the Emerald Co. Unfortunately the other thing, my cholesterol level has forced the doctor to not recommend me as I am temporarily unfit for employment. And my cholesterol level is 8.6, damn high which the doctor decribed as "you can collapse and die anytime, like Hani Mohsein."

So, before I went to see Dr Shanker this Wednesday, I've started to cut down my high-cholesterol foods intake like red meat, fried foods, even rice (until I came back to Ipoh), eat more of apples and the wholemeal, high-grain whatever bread. Damn! It's expensive and tasteless! RM4.50 a loaf. And I also found my cholesterol medicine from last year which I haven't finished :-) and I've started to eat it again every night.

That was the bitter side of the week. It took me almost two days to get over about it. Telling my parents were more difficult. My mom was ok, she was just concern about my health. But my dad seems to be presurring a bit. He kept on asking what's next and how's the Emerald Co. will take it? He even suggested that the Emerald Co. would response favorably in the next two weeks. Hello! I can't have a blood test every week. But I just kept mum, otherwise my blood pressure will go upstairs. Heheheh...

At this moment, the whole family just got back from Perlis, attending a cousin's wedding. As usual, the normal question was "when is your turn?" oh shit! and now it got worse since my younger brother is getting married in June. And there was a lady who wanted to recommend her daughter to me. Strangely, some 20 years ago, her husband was strongly recommended by a relative to my parents to marry my eldest sister but it didn't happen and now from a son-in-law-to-be he becomes 'bisan'-to-be to my parents. Funny!

Then, we went to Padang Besar but it was not as exciting as last time I went there. Probably because almost everything sold there can be found in KL/Shah Alam? Then, we went to Kuala Perlis for a dose of laksa Kuala Perlis, yummy! Loving it! I ate 2 plates/bowls of laksa and I think laksa is the only low-cholesterol food I enjoy eating.

With all that happened this week, I had firmly set my goals for this year, concerning 1) Health - by reducing cholesterol level by precription, dieting (to reduce weight to 55kg) and exercising (to run Half Marathon race hopefully by June), 2) Career - by changing job for a better position or promotion/upgrading at the current job, and 3) Financial - to restructure personal finance standing - by clearing some debts and have savings of [can't disclose here... err probably RM2 million like the Satar] by year end. That's all - and no love love yet. That thing can wait.

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