Friday, February 12, 2010

POW: X-Country

I should've posted these pictures two weeks ago prior to my first Open running competition. Nevermind, it's never too late to reminisce the old glories. Hehehe... okay, here are the two POW...

This picture was taken post our school's X-Country event in 1991, when I was in Form 3. I was really skinny that time and how I wish I could be slightly fatter than then. Anyway, like I mentioned in my previous entry, I was not given much hope to score much points but in the end, I managed to be placed 7th in Junior category (Form 1-3).

The guy in white (Idris House) is Amir Hamzah, he was our batch's second-best long distance runner and the one in maroon (Sulaiman House) is Izzat, another surprise top-ten finisher. Amir was 2nd that year, I was 7th representing Ahmad House and Izzat was 8th or 9th, I can't remember. My track bottom's brand was Antioni (couldn't afford to buy Adidas and there were no China-made fake Adidas in those days, only Abibas!). And shoes - Lotto, I think that was Peejoun's (my one-year senior).


This picture was taken on the course of the X-country. It was in 1992, when I was in Form 4, competing in Senior category (Form 4-5). Do you notice that I built up some muscles from a year before? Hehehe... And for that year, I managed to finished 7th, again! and this time I was competing with some very good runners from the Form 5. And the big guy behind me in black is Khalid, the headboy that year and he was one of the pre-race favorite but finished one place behind me. :-)

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