Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another milestone... a tough one rather

Monday marks another milestone of my life. I attended the welcoming session for the postgraduate candidates in the UM. Nothing much happened, except briefing about UM, some statistics shown, about financial, assistance, etc. One of the facts I captured is that there were more than 3,000 applications for this session and they only approved slightly over 1,000 applicants. But, not sure how many actually turn up to register.

Later in the afternoon, we all went separate ways for briefing at specific faculties. And this is when we were briefed about the requirements of each course and for graduation. Man! It is tough to graduate with M.Ec. I can tell you! What with the killer core courses of Advanced Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Econometrics, research paper. And what with the minimum passing mark of B, then comes the conditional passing mark. Aduuhhh... and while I was targeting to finish in around 3 years, everyone was talking about maximum of 2 years. Damn!

Had a conversation with one of the Deputy Deans after the briefing and she advised me what courses should I take. And even she advised me to take 3 courses, instead of 2 courses I planned to take. So, this morning went to register for classes. Everything went well and I've successfully registered for three classes for my 1st semester - Ekonometrik Gunaan (Applied Econometrics), Makroekomi Lanjutan (Advanced Econometrics) and Public Economics. My classes will be held on Wednesday and Thursday nights and Saturday afternoon.

This is where most, if not all, of my classes will be held. The place where I'll be 'pecah-ing kepala' too for the next two years, at least.

Now, let me enjoy this moment before classes start on 3rd January.

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sempoii said...

Selamat belajar semula bro. Semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan pembelajaran dan grad on time.

Rajin2 blajar :)

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