Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hiccups attacks

At the moment of blogging, I'm having my 5th round of hiccups attacks. This is the story...

I had pain on my right foot while taking part in CICM Run in Bukit Jalil on Sunday. Went to see a GP to actually get a referral letter for me to see a specialist. But she said she couldn't simply refer me to specialist on my first visit. And based from what she explained about my conditions and her knowledge, I assume she could treat me well. I was suspected to suffer from Plantar Fasciitis.

After consultation, I was prescribed with a lotion, anti-inflammation pills to help reduce internal swelling, vitamin for nerve, painkiller and gastricitis pills. At first, I was confused why did she give me gastricitis pills only to know that the painkillers are very strong and just in case if they would give some problems to my stomach.

I took the pills normally but in the afternoon the next day (Monday, 29.11) I had severe hiccups attack on my way back from KLCC (for a meeting) to Bangi. The first attack lasted for about 3h 50m. Damn it was tough, and I sounded silly and funny. I haven't had hiccups for a very long time, I think even before Google came into the picture.

I drank lots of water, tried different types of remedies taken from the net but they were all just not working. Then, when it was time to take another round of medicines, I ate two curry puffs I bought earlier and as simple as that, the hiccups were gone. I continued to take the anti-inflammation pill as prescribed and not long after that, the 2nd attack of hiccups came again.

This time it was more serious, I felt burning pain inside my chest area up to the throat and it got worse for every hiccup. Called the clinic, consulted the doctor a bit before I was summoned to see the doctor. Driving to the clinic in Taipan (from Bangi) was one of the longest journey, with my chest felt burning sensation and 'tahan kencing lagi'.

Consulted the doctor and he said, I am sensitive to the two pills - Dexamethasone (the anti-inflammation) and the Voltaren (painkiller) and I was then described with another type of gastricitis medicine to cure my hiccups and the burning sensation. I was advised by the doctor to eat porridge and drink milk that night.

Went to the kopitiam next door, ordered chicken porridge for tapau. While waiting for the order, I took the gastricitis pill and not long after that, the hiccups went away. I was happy, went home, but while I was having my porridge, the third round of hiccups attack came attacking. Called the clinic again, they asked me to take the other type of gastricitis pills which I did and not long after that, the hiccups were gone, again.

I went out for an appointment with a friend and while having my roti banjir, another round of hiccups came attacking. Took another pill after reaching home, and as expected they were gone right after that and about an hour later until this moment of blogging, the 5th round of hiccups attack came, which I don't bother to take another pills, I would just let it go away naturally.

Managed to capture a video of myself with the hiccups on my way from KLCC to Bangi.

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