Sunday, December 19, 2010

My first #twtup

Attended my first ever #twtup yesterday at A&W PJ. It's cool to meet up with strangers and clicked right away after exchanging name cards twithandle. As soon as twithandles were exchanged, I was scrambling for my BB to search that twithandle and add to the list I'm following. And at times, everybody was busy with his/her mobile device :-)

So, here's the picture...

from left: @norm_noordin, @kruel74, @ruhani_rabin, @ahmemah, @ted1777, yours truly @azrulh, @loveykatz, @shaharzad, @bluecrystaldude, @aidasue, @urasnobucho, @citybasher the organizer of this #twtup, @smellykatemoss and @hasbeemasputra. Taking the picture was @bugbitesandco. Those who already left were @fazasalleh, @sameblackshoes, @jud9e, @cloco, @rekka86 and @kwangchen

Please don't ask me their real name as I only know a few. Itupun sebab their twithandles are the same as their name. Hehehe...

Nice meeting all of you and hopefully will see you all again... I mean, in real life.

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