Friday, September 28, 2007

Whose asses?!

I came across this article in Bernama online.

At first glance, I read the headline as "Thai PM praises Malaysia's three ASS" but after noticing that it should be asses for multiple ass, the reality sunk in and I stop imagining whose nice cleavage, sexy, solid asses the Thai PM praised? It couldn't be our PM's or his son-in-law's asses,though.

But just before I could read on what the three Es the General Surayud was referring to, my mind drooled over the es teler which is a must whenever I visit Indonesia. Yummy! and what other better things to blog about during this fasting month than this icy cold 'mix of avocado-jack fruit-coconut-cincau drink topped with condensed milk and shaved ice' Indonesian specialty beverage.

I first tasted es teler back in 1998. It was homemade es teler Adi prepared after I argued with him, who would want to put in avocado and jackfruit into his or her beverage? But, it was a heavenly beverage you shouldn't miss if you visit Indonesia next time. I don't know whether there's any place here serving nice es teler? Or maybe I could get Famil to make es teler for me since he has good hands in cooking :-)

If you don't dare to eat anything from the stalls by the street, which would serve better foods but awful ambience, you can still try es teler in Es Teler 77 restaurant chain - which also sells bakso, mie ayam and siomay, among others.

And in case you're in some sort of emergency while you're there (like being struck by earthquake or you run out of money after buying so many bateks or mukena for your in-laws or whenever you use your credit card for purchases, the message that appear was "do not honor" or when you received sms from your spouse who just realozed that you're in Indonesia instead of attending an outstation meeting in Penang (and she realized it after the credit card company accidentally called your home number to confirm that you're making purchases in Indonesia), don't panic, just head to Es Teler 77 and enjoy this Panik!

By the way:
1) The 3 Es Thai PM was referring to are education, employment and entrepreneurship. Go read the full article yourself, and...
2) My colleague just told me you can get nice es teler in Restoran Garuda in Kg Baru

1 comment:

famil said...

I love the ES Teller too.

Last time I had it was in Penang 4 years ago.

But no, I cant make it lah.. no ice shaver hi hi.

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