Monday, September 17, 2007

Astro or asshole?

For a homey person like me, tv, radio and internet are what it take to keep me busy and entertained. And I don't pay cable tv or internet services just for the sake of cumulating reward points for my credit cards.

Everyone has now realized that Astro have been sucks all time and ripping off people's money all this while. Well, they're such a good sucker when it rains. Eventhough they've been around for more than 10 years, they still haven't learned how to overcome such issues during rainy days. And, giving rebates for their failure to provide services is not in their dictionary. No such thing as rebates in Astro!

Anyone remembers when they change to other satellite and we ended up paying for "services not available" message on our tv screen? And talking about billing, one day late in paying your bills equals to high telephone bills for waiting to get to talk to their operators and RM20 reconnection fees.

Yet, they suck big time on a nice Sunday afternoon. At around 3.45pm, this homey person was flipping those available channels on astro. And as I'm paying for sports package the most, compared to other packages, certainly I want to utilize these channels the most. But, to my disappointment, 3 of 5 sports channels (that's 60%) were showing golf events, at the same time.


ESPN was showing Solheim Cup - women golf contest between US and Europe, Star Sport was showing Midea China Classic while the Golf Central was showing The Tour Championship. I'm fine with Golf Central for showing golf, eventhough I don't subscribe sports package to watch this channel. They have a dedicated channel for golf and yet, they're still airing golf in two other channels.

I doubt there were no other sports events took place at the time (they could even show delayed US college football) or those Astro people just too lazy to lift their asses from the comfy of being the monopolist to do research or homework or negotiate for other sports events. Or is Astro just cater elitists as golf isn't a game simply played or watched by anyone, unlike soccer. And I also doubt lots of golfers were watching as I assume true golfers should be on golf courses or in driving range on a nice Sunday afternoon.

And guess what... the Astro Ria, their prime channel was showing the repeat of 1-year old Konsert Fantasia Mawi during primetime, Saturday 9pm! And on Sunday, 2pm, they were showing the repeat of the repeat of Konsert Fantasia Mawi. Get that?

So, they're ripping off your money, aren't they? Don't you think so? I do...


Jingga Studies said...

yah i agree with u totally ..they can screw up big time and go about it as if nothing happened..raining = no service availible = rebate? haha never in history...still people subcribe to them cos no other option.. monopoly = sucker!!! ..opps its puasa!..sorry..anyway happy puasa + yah wish u all the rahmat + berkat.. wink wink!

~ Alie ~

famil said...

on top of that they will always show programs from 2 years back. and repeat the same programs through the whole week.

Kak Teh said...

salam, sounds very much like our Sky Tv here - loads of repeats and thank God I never get enough of some comedy classics.

Selamat berpuasa.

all jazzed up said...

deo, i so hate astro. the other day i was like 5 days late in paying my bills and they f3ckn3 cut the service ok. i sampai bergaduh dengan customer service lahan2t diorang tu... so geram!!! and oh, even if it doesnt rain i still get the services not available thing.. oohhhh dont get me started on astro lah...

Lord Budak said...

I can vividly remember when a time I subscribe to sky tv depa lambat mai pasang kat rumah aku and they give me 1 month free subscription.

Best woooo

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