Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wedding talks

this is a non-WTF entry...

It's official!

Thierry Henry is marrying a 31-year old Spanish actress, Paz Vega. Oppss.. not this Henry, it's another Henry, at least Henry to my eyes :-)

The wedding invitation card is out, the bride's reception in Kelantan will be on the third raya or 15th October. While my friend's reception in Lipis will be on 20th October. I heard Siti Nurhaliza, from a neighboring village, will perform that day but somewhere else.

I went to my friend's place yesterday to get the invitation card and sent sedulang hantaran which he prefers me to sponsor than a set of arcoroc or arcopal drinking glasses what a typical wedding gift I planned to buy as a wedding present. Not long after I came, the aunt and uncle to my friend's late wife dropped by at his house.

And, instead of talking about my friend's preparation for his big water bill payout day, the short session ended up as a brief matchmaking session for me and honestly, I was blushed throughout the session. After asking some simple questions, Aunt Faridah asked me one big question, "are you sure you're not seeing anyone special?" and before I could answer the question, my friend spontaneously answered, "mana ada dia ni...." and my response to Aunt Faridah was just, "yeah, he knows me better.."

And I swear, Aunt Faridah knows lots of people. She even mentioned few names working in the same place where I work. Why not, she's making her fortune by selling this Amway thingy.

So, she did list down few candidates and after understanding my specs (yes my specs ladies...) she asked for my number and I willingly and happily give my number to her. After Aunt Faridah and her husband left, the session was followed up with a small pep talk by my friend about all this marriage things. And man, I never ever felt readied before than what I feel from last night until now.

I don't want to elaborate further, we'll just see what happens next and the deadline has been set.

And.. if this blog is not updated, please understand that I'm away and busy printing posters (something like in the picture on the right), going around cities, putting them up in strategic locations, answering queries from and screening potential candidates, and all the mess things one supposed to do.

Ok, let's not steal the limelight from my friend, at least until 20th October :-) Congrats bro!

My specs ladies... to those who are interested, please email me for further details. One thing I can assure, if you're someone like
Charlize Theron, you're definitely in!


Elf said...

"And I swear, Aunt Faridah knows lots of people. She even mentioned few names working in the same place where I work. "

Did she mention anak Pak Haron? *lareyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Brother Lans said...

BroRol,aslkum. Ooooh,minat Cik Theron ye? Ha'ah kan, daripada Cik Theron tu pelok anjing lebih baik dia pelok En.Oughtred,hehe...Kalu En.Oughtred makan nasik minyak jgn lupa jemput BroLans...wslm :-)

sity29 said...

wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh akhirnyaaaaaaa!!!
jgn lupa jemput weiii
kalau idak aku bom tingkat 5 iteww!!!

deOughtred said...

anak pak haron mana?! itu ada tu, calon simpanan... wahahaha...

brother lans,
boleh tu no problem kalau setakat nak makan nasi minyak esok lusa pun boleh ajak... wahahah tapi kalau lagi 3 tahun takut jadi nasi hujan panas lah pulak

(lagu kak neeetaaa) akhirnya kini pasti, ku merasai cinta abadi... kalau nak bom, kau bom lah time aku cuti gi honeymoon... heheheh

Elf said...

Weh, comey plak aku tengok ko pakai baju melayu bagai.

Sila pakai gambo tu utk poster ko nanti ek..

limaupurut said...


Nice post ;-)

Selamat berpuasa to you too. Minum2 some day, I mean night?

Deana said...

I thought only girls are concern on finding a partner since there are more women than to a men species living on earth. But...you entry proves it wrong. Ada jugak lelaki yg masih purely single and available ek?

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