Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ku cari damai di hati

When Ramadhan comes, most of our conversations center around foods. Phrases like
"Pagi tadi sahur makan apa?" or
"Berbuka nanti nak makan apa?" or
"Nak masak apa untuk berbuka nanti?" or
"Berbuka di hotel so and so sedap lah..." or
"Dekat pasar Ramadhan area there and there, lauk nya variety dan sedap-sedap" or
"Nak test kuih tart ni, kalau sedap boleh order.." or
"Nanti lepas zohor nak beratur ambil bubur lambuk lah.." or
"Aku tak bangun sahur lah, minum air dan makan buah kurma je..."
bla bla bla, bla bla bla....

Surprisingly we talk more about foods when we (are supposed to) consume less foods. It's not just you and I. Even there are more cooking programs on tv than there were in other months. And a local newspaper even had a special insert last weekend, all about pasar Ramadhan.

After 5 days of fasting, I'm already tired. People are all rushing home early (causing traffic jams all around cities) so that they can reach home early to cook for their families or to go to pasar Ramadhan to buy foods.

I normally go out from office at 5.40pm and reach home by 6.55pm, just enough to settle down for a decent buka puasa - some fruits, dates and juices. I just don't bother to go to pasar Ramadhan as by that time, not much was left that I could buy that would satisfy my taste buds.

Whatever it is, I'm tired with traffic jams... and I'll be out of town, looking for extra peacefulness of Ramadhan, away from traffic jams and without having to think what to eat, where to buy foods, and foods and foods and foods.. I'll just eat whatever served on the table.

By that means, I'll be away from computers and internet most of the times. I can be in front of computer all the time while I'm away but I choose not to. Anyway, I take this as a practice for the long Raya leave next month, when I'll be away for almost two weeks. Whether I'll survive without computer and internet, we'll see. But I'd rather be away from computer and internet than die in this manner...

Wonder what's the main activity for those people living here? Chatting, I bet. If you couldn't find me anywhere after Sunday or my blog is not updated or you don't receive email or sms from me, look for me here, I might have migrated to Kampung Chat :-)


sity29 said...

where are you going la??

Lord Budak said...

great escapade haaa to kg chat

DeLiNn said...

awat jauh sangat larikan diri huhuhuhuhu


Kak Teh said...

this is so funny! i was just thinking abt our obsession with food and chatting right across the oceans and time zones, we still ask abt food - masak apa hari ni?sahur dengan apa?
so so funny!

drbubbles said...

Next to Kg. Chat is Kg. Budu.Main activity for Budu's folks is not having budu for breakfast,lunch and dinner obviously.

Elf said...

lamanya cuti....
Bes betullah...

K i a H R o N g G e n G said...

wow lama cuti!..mana la nak p lelama tu?migarate to KG CHAT ka wakahakahka

Note:org tu mati sebab obsess sesgt

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