Monday, September 03, 2007

Saya diskru atas

I came across this article in The Sun today. As much as we're confused whether to use Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia, we'll get more confused if we were to take spelling test in Bahasa Melayu.

After reading three paragraphs of the article, I just can't believe that the writer, a Malay, could only score 13 out of 30 words. That's just aweful siap kutuk, tak payah jadi rakyat Malaysia, lah. I almost stop reading the article but wanted to know what's so hard about Bahasa Malaysia spelling test?

Then I realized that I'll get screwed up (diskru atas) as well if I were the writer. Man! Just imagine this...

'The minced meat cooked in spices and wrapped in a thin dough skin' is MARTABAK, not murtabak as we thought.

'Minced meat' is daging CENCANG, not daging cincang...

It got worse as I continue reading the article when...
it is CELOPAR, not celupar when you spill out profanity

And only now I know the difference between baharu and baru. You gotta to read the article to know the difference.

I could never imagine myself taking Bahasa Malaysia SPM paper again. With all these variances and complexity of the language, I don't think I could score A1 like 14 years ago... probably credit could also be out of reach. :-(


Mutiara said...

Hahaha Bahasa melayu A1 14 years ago? what about A1 37 years ago? I am sure I can get A1 again Those were the kind of spellings we had when i was doing my Bahasa Melayu (MCE 1970).

wartawandapur said...

dear deOughtred thanks for your comment and it really motivated me to post more and more. i have posted some pictures from the cooking competition that was held recently. really appreciate your comment on that.

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