Sunday, September 02, 2007

Merdeka tag

I was tagged by Iced Nyior.

The questions:
1) Kenapa anda berbangga lahir di bumi Malaysia?
2) Kenapa anda sepatutnya cukup bersyukur berada di bumi Malaysia ini tatkala menyambut merdeka?

At first, I told Iced Nyior, I'd not answer the tag as I don't want to lie but after third thought I told Iced Nyior, I'll give a shot. Besides that, I never like this tagging things so, don't ever tag me again ok, whoever...

Or would this be enough?

Okay, my answer to the first question:
I'm able to be wherever I'm now and do whatever I do now. Best of all, the opportunities that were presented to me (whether I took it or not) especially since I scored straight As in UPSR. The opportunity to get into boarding school, study abroad, came back and work in large GLCs, they all made it possible for me to pursue my ambitions and at least repay some part of my parents' sacrifices.

My answer to the second question:
I'm being thankful to be able to be wherever I was and do whatever I did when the country was celebrating Merdeka. Although I didn't do much, I was still able to take LRT for a short trip to Dataran Merdeka to see what's happening there, then have dinner in KL Sentral, then back to office and drove home. Arrived home, turned on my computer and tv and sleep peacefully. All those wouldn't be achieved or wouldn't be made possible without kemerdekaan.

I hope that's enough to answer the tag.
And, thank me I'm not tagging anyone.

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