Monday, September 24, 2007

Blowing job

For the past two or three weeks, it seems like we don't have much problems or issues in the country. Oh well, the economy is in good state - Ringgit strengthens (than the weak US Dollar), economic corridors are being developed all around the country at the same time, the goverment now can afford to give free education, corporate companies are now in good 'hands'.

Socially, we just celebrated our 50th anniversary in peace and harmony, political climate is in the 'best' state under the administration of the current prime minister and his able ministers. And the government has pledged not to hike price of petrol which gives us one less problem/issue for us.

The only issue worth discussing for the past weeks was the price of chicken. That's all...

As the media had not much of sensational issues to tell, the case of missing girl Nurin Jazlin which ended with her brutal murder was the highlight of primetime news day in and day out.

And again, people especially whose prefix is Datuk or Tan Sri came out to issue their own version of comments, statements, pledge, whatever...

WTF (times 5)?!

And there is this Tan Sri who made a press conference in condemning neighbors for not being alert on what's happening with fellow neighbors, in this case, the missing Nurin Jazlin. WTF #1, I seldom heard of this Yayasan Pencegahan Jenayah Malaysia (MCPF) come out with education campaign or advertisement on tv or media, or anything significant whatsoever.

And putting the blame on the neighbors? That's WTF #2. It's just like blaming our neighbors for our cats or dogs to stray away from our house and not refraining our cats and dogs from 'poo-poo'ing in our neighbors' backyard. Blame it on neighbors!

WTF #3.. they called a press conference just to tell the public to get their children to carry whistle around and blow it in the case of emergency. The foundation said, they'll distribute some thousands of free whistles. Come on, you don't need to have a press conference for something cost RM2 each, especially when the country is mourning on the death of that poor kid. Or maybe the whistle costs them RM200 each, you may never know as happened in Kementerian Belia dan Sukan, when they bought a screwdriver at RM229.94.

WTF #4, the foundation has launched this whistle campaign (although not much awareness programs were done) four months ago, which they pledged to distribute 10,000 free whistles. So far, after four months, they've distributed 8,000 whistles. Come on, what so hard about distributing whistles?! You don't need to do background checks on the kids or see whether their parents income would qualify the kids for free whistles...

WTF #5, only 10,000 whistles? Mind you, we have some 8.6 million population of below 15 years old. And the 10,000 whistles are just a meager 0.1% and what are they shouting all this for? A cheap publicity?! Or is it when you're in that position, you just need to say or do something to justify your position or existence?

Let's give a round of applause to all these WTFs!

I'm considering to change the title of this blog to WTF as there are so many WTFs happening around. Anyway, let's pray for adik Nurin Jazlin.


K i a H R o N g G e n G said...

did they doing any research on this matter?..

sity29 said...

ni la yang di kata bodoh lama tak abis.. bodoh baru lak timbul!!

memang banggang!!


deOughtred said...

sekarang ni nak cakap apa2, tak payah buat research or backed with facts ke apa.. kau cakap ketung ketang ketung ketang ketung ketang pun rakyat sungguh2 tepuk tangan.

bodoh tahap langit ke-7 ni.. hahahah kena beringat lah, kalau kita ni teruk, jangan generasi kita atau anak2 kita jadi lebih teruk.. huhuhuhu

Tembam said...

Hi Ada Ada Saja. Just stumbled on your blog. I read your post about Nurin. Do you know that there are a group of bloggers calling for the setting of the NURIN Alert to help save missing children alive. Please join the Citizens for NURIN Alert (CFNA)in calling for the system. Read about NURIN Alert in the latest issue of TELL magazine available in all bookstores. It's for the children as we don't want another Nurin ever again.

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