Thursday, March 29, 2007

Big B

Big Ben, Big Brother, Big Boobs...

Everyone (almost everyone) came to office today with Big Grin on their faces. The Big B is already in, since last night and everyone is happy. They said, this year is the highest quantum in the company history but I've had better before but it was with a lower salary.

For those who gets more than the average Joe gets, well done keep it up. So, where and when the open table will be held? And for those who gets really really more than the average Joe, where are you from? UFO?! And I just dont understand how harder (or how hardest) you guys worked last year... emmmm probably like this huh?

So, there'll be lots of free 'makan-makan' and I guess the Secret Recipe downstairs will be full for the rest of the month!


sity29 said...

uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa akunya tak dpt lagi aaaaaa......
kene tunggu cek :P
tapi takpe... time semue org dah mesken... aku laaaa orang kaya baru!!!!
mauahahahhahahahaha (gelak dengki kianat sebab nyampah org lain dpat bonus lagi awal dari aku!!!)

zewt said...

someone is rich!!!!

no wonder buy iPod video la.

deOughtred said...

Zewt, that iPod used money from B last year laaa.. hahaha.. it's like a Malay saying, "Dengar guruh di langit, air dalam tempayang dicurahkan"

But, I enjoy my iPod really much, dude!

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