Friday, March 02, 2007

See You Next Year

I remember in 2001, working on preparing the country for the SEA Games, 12 years since last hosted the region's biggest sports event. And what an event would be without corporate sponsorship. Hence, the Government identified these 4 GLCs to become the Official Partners to the Games - Petronas, Proton, Telekom and TNB - with a minimum sponsorship value of USD1 million in cash.

Well, talking about the 4 GLCs... lots of things happened since then, including Khazanah's direct participation in running their day-to-day operations, including identifying who sits in their Board and Management team.

And talking about the 4 GLCs, 3 recently announced their financial results. TM announced a RM2.07 bil net profit for 2006. TNB also announced its profit of RM1.25 billion for Q1. Well, no question about Petronas' performance. What about Proton?

Well, 5 quarters of losses out of 7 quarters post-Mahaleel's era. Emm... I'd rather wait funtil the next 12 months as promised by Syed Zainal (I've put reminder on my scheduler to remind me 12 months from now). Introduced enhanced and new models? An insider told me that they're going to roll out sub-RM30,000 enhaned Iswara to commemorate Malaysia's 50th birthday.
Good luck!

With or without Agusta, they're still in the red.
Aaa... I heard they're going to launch some Indonesia thing in Jakarta. And, TT DJ would be the emcee besides someone in-house. The strange thing, even the 'in-house' emcee gets to recce Jakarta for the event. ?-)

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X-Matters said...

Isn't it obvious that Proton's problem is marketing, not manufacturing? Wait another 12 months and the national car company is going to bleed further.

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