Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My New Love

I just found a new love, which I wanted to have since middle last year. The one I previously had just couldn't handle my needs anymore, she just couldn't take it. Nevertheless, we still remain as friend. I still keep her within my reach and will use her whenever I feel like using her.

I was rather busy for the past three days, getting to know my new love much better, trying to understand what she can do for me and what I can do with her. Obviously she has so much to offer and I don't really know if I could utilize her to the max!

Finally, I got my iPod 80GB last Monday. Since I already have more than 1,000 mp3 songs (which translates to more than 5GB) and my old (1 1/2 year old actually) 1GB Sony mp3 player can just store about 400++ mp3 songs, it's just time to get this 'black beauty'. Before this, I was having difficulties to choose which songs to delete from my Sony in order to give room for newly-addes songs. Now, I could keep them all plus all the movies I have and my photos and my video clips... so cool huh!!!

It took me half-year deciding to buy it and of course some savings and cut-on-meals done (you're right...). Luckily Apple didn't come out with a new model and hopefully they won't for the next one or two years.

Anyway, I'm one of the proud owner of the Black Beauty:
Apple iPod 80GB Black..........RM1,499.00
LinkPlus AC Charger..........RM100.00
UltraClear Screen Protecter..........RM31.00
PodStar iPod Video Case..........RM90.00
Hours and days entertained by 20,000 songs, 25,000 photos, 100 hours of videos.... it's just PRICELESS!

Oppsss... better stop now, not much time to blog. Have to spend more time with my new love!


sity29 said...

cis cis n cis lagi!!!!!!
buy me one can aaa??
u very hensem la today abg kici ehhehe :P

deOughtred said...


Tak payah cakap hensem, memang dah tahu sejak pembayaran bonus 5 tahun lalu lagi..

Takpe, nanti kita dengar sama-sama ye.. you dengar belah right, I dengar belah left.. tapi lagu Mas Idayu Selangit boleh ke tak pun Inul Kocok-kocok?!

Ataupun you beli je Sony 1GB I tu, I jual boleh murah kasi sama lu full-set, cakap berapa lu boleh taruh harga...

sity29 said...

disebabkan bonus aku lom dpt... n tatau bila nak dpt.. apa kata ko buat charity kat aku ..

boleh la abg hensem ... boleh laaaaa :P


Fauziah Ismail said...

I know what its like to have a new toy. For me, the novelty runs out as soon as you know and have tried out what the gadget can or cannot do.
After that, you move on to better things.
(I am so in love with my N70 but now that the N95 will be in the market, I am seriously contemplating of changing my mobile phone.)

zewt said...

20,000 songs?????? how the hell you managed to secure so many???? can't be can't be... must be exaggerating.

and 80Gb... now i feel my 30Gb is nothing but a dwarf.

deOughtred said...

of course lah not 20,000 that's the capacity.. but now I already 1,700 songs and few movies including not-yet released Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. How's that?!

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