Sunday, March 04, 2007

My First Love

I still remember back in 1999, after securing my first (real) job and travelling on my Honda EX5 from Ampang to Shah Alam, I fell in love, my first love... since then, my love keeps changing but nothing compare to the first one..

It's Ericsson GH688, which I bought around RM600. Don't know how much it costs today and not sure if any stores still sell this model. I nearly accept a job offer from Ericsson Mobile (in Bukit Jelutong, now Flextronics) just because I'm so fond with Ericsson phones and was so proud to show the interviewers that I was using the phone.

Still remember, it has a 2-liner screen with eye-soring green LED. Luckily SMS hasn't taken place those days. Then, came the shorter antenna, blinking one later, white LED screen and thinner battery to make it more modern and sophisticated.

And now, my love is with my 7th and 8th mobile phone, Motorola Razr V3 and O2 Mini PDA. In between, I had Nokia 3310 (under-water one and has changed housing may times!), Nokia 8890 the aluminum one, with slide function (feel like James Bond), Ericsson T28 - the slimmest in those day but still with the long and hip-poking antenna, Mitsubishi M320 - my first one with truetone feature, and SonyEricsson K750i - the one with really good MP3 player and camera function.

So, what's your first love?

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X-Matters said...

My first was a Nokia (for the life of me, I cannot remember the model), followed by an Ericsson (a company-issued phone, left it in the taxi), then another Ericsson, a Motorola (the smallest, flipped), another Nokia (8890 also, served me well for five years, the best thus far), replaced it with a 6680 (someone picked it from my handbag, together with my wallet, at the KLCC surau), replaced it with another 6680, and now a Nokia N70 and a Motorola SLVR L7.
In my books, Nokia still the most user-friendly phone there is.

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