Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's 6.00pm..

It's time to go home!
10 reasons why you should leave office at 6:00pm...

unless you practically live in office (my CEO and GM do! they even call for meetings at 8pm.. duh!!) or your secret admirer works in the same office and 9am-6pm is just too short of time to spend time together...


sity29 said...

betul ke kul 6 ??

dulu ko ilang awal ehehhe :P

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam deOughtred,
If I leave late, the other half will ask if I'm paying rent at the office. If he's late, I'll ask him if he had taken the sleeping bag with him to the office.
On some days, we try to beat each other to be out of the office first.
On other days, we couldn't be bothered.
Have a good weekend.

Formerly known as X-Matters.

deOughtred said...

Some people say, the glass is half empty and some others say it as half full. Kalau balik awal dari 6pm tu, I consider as overtime at home, reverse to overtime in office. :-)

a healthy competition, I guess huh... well, in the end, it benefits both of you in knowing which one should be given more priority, work or home/family.

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