Monday, April 02, 2007

Movie Weekend

Took Friday off from work, for nothing. Well, at least I did something which I haven't done for years, watching midnight movie show. I couldn't really remember when was the last time but I could well remember back in 1993 when a bunch of us sneaked out from school to watch a midnight show but couldn't remember what movie was that since the thrill is more on the sneaking out part than the movie itself.

So, I catched '300' on Thursday midnight. It was cool going for midnight show on weekday, as not many people are around. The movie sucks big time! An easy fighting/battle plot, like other battle movies, but unlike Braveheart! And I just couldn't understand how could 300 muscular semi-naked Greek warriors in speedos win every battle even against the deadliest beast, even elephants they brought from India and millions of Persian army. Nothing to shout about the movie. Again, it's the thrill (of going out for midnight show) than the movie itself.

And on Friday, after getting my car equipped with audio system that's compatible to my new love (my iPod), went for a local treat. Curse me as everyone else had watched this movie, some for more than once, and it's my first time. So, Mukhsin was a much better movie than '300'. Winner at the Berlin International Film Festival, the movie is the prequel to Sepet, Gubra and Rabun. I didn't know this until I read movie reviews the next day. Like both the lead actor/actress, really touching.

Somehow, I left the cinema with lots of questions. Hope someone or anyone could help me to answer them:

1) What happened to Mukhsin's mother? Why she committed suicide?
2) Why Mukhsin's mother don't want to talk to his brother (can't remember the name)?
3) What was written by Mukhsin on the tail of the kite he gave to Orked?
4) Remember the scene when the sofa set in Orked's house was repossessed? The scene not long after that showed the sofa set is back into the house and at the end of the movie, the family were getting a new sofa set?
5) After Orked found out that Mukhsin has left, she climbed up a tree and saw a taxi passing by with Mukhsin inside it. Why didn't she screamed for Mukhsin or is it just imaginary?

Or there'll be another prequel or a sequel to answer these questions? :-O But it's still a good movie.

Now, I'm going to get myself a kite and play it while camping on the beach in Port Dickson.

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limaupurut said...


At last, someone who doesn't say 300 is a great movie

I won't say it sucks either. Just ordinary. Nothing much too shout

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