Thursday, March 15, 2007

Living On <$2/day?

The World Bank defines extreme poverty as living on less than US$1 per day, and moderate poverty as less than $2 a day. It has been estimated that in 2001, 1.1 billion people had consumption levels below $1 a day and 2.7 billion lived on less than $2 a day.

Koffi Anan, UN Secretary General, in a speech on the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, 17 October 2000, said “Almost half the world’s population lives on less than two dollars a day, yet even this statistic fails to capture the humiliation, powerlessness and brutal hardship that is the daily lot of the world’s poor.”

Here's LV's Spring-Summer collection...

And look at these people...

Anything similar?!

What if they get some, well let's say 1% royalty from the sales of LV bags. Will they still earning <$2/day?! Will they still live in poverty?

This brought me to the issues of Petaling Street traders selling fake branded items, LV included. If companies like LV can 'steal' someone else's potential revenue, leaving them earning <$2/day, why don't we 'steal' back something from them? It's payback time, Go Petaling Street!! After all, all the spending stimulate our economy!

Thanks Bush (not 'that' Bush) for the 2nd pic, it was supposed to be funny but I'd rather take it seriously

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nadya said...

somehow.. i agree.

kelakar pun yer.
serious pun yer.

i dah siapkan tag. as per requested :) posting date : 15/3/07

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